to a wedding in five years and damned if he was going to this one alone.At least, 2017 Mens Dandelion Black Patent Leather Flatnot if he could help it.With a grimace, he slid onto the barstool and tossed his crumpled 2017 Mens Dandelion Classic Black Flatinvitation in front of him. He used his index finger to push the offending invite a couple inches away and glared at it. If he was Superman, his X-ray vision would have sent the thing up in smoke.Sure, the pale pink paper, the bold gold lettering, and the stinking scent of something way too girly for 2017 Mens Dandelion Leopard Print Flata man to sniff was enough to get him worked up. But it was the thought of walking into that church and reception without his plus one that had him on edge.Jesus. H. Christ.His mother had been on his back for months about his datingmdash;or lack there ofmdash;and had made it clear she expected him to show up with someone. Anyone. Ac


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